Small improvements
make a BIG difference

At Juice Learning, we challenge people to think differently

We believe that small improvements make a BIG difference… incremental changes to behaviours, attitudes and mindsets can transform the culture of teams, departments and whole Trusts.

While traditional training approaches can inform people of what needs to change, they often fail to effectively engage people in the how and why!

We’re different because…

  • We engage your workforce to enable them to make a positive difference to the culture of your Trust
  • We challenge mindsets to encourage people to work together to deliver an improved and enhanced experience to patients and their families
  • We bring your values to life to enable your employees to treat each other with the respect, dignity and compassion they deserve

As award-winning experts at engaging people…

  • We use drama as a powerful engagement mechanism
  • We involve learners in high-impact, interactive and memorable experiences that make a difference
  • We inspire people to want to contribute to improving your culture
  • We take pride in developing great relationships with our clients
  • We collaborate with our clients to create the perfect solution for them
  • We support our clients through every stage of their project
Our Programmes

Designed to help your people understand and connect with your Trust values and take personal responsibility for living, breathing and owning them in all that they do.

Our unique drama-based approach allows us to explore scenarios where bullying is evident to varying degrees and, as in the real world, not all of them obvious or clear-cut.

Our interactive, theatrical approach helps staff to explore behaviours and attitudes, developing their skills and confidence to deliver truly exceptional patient experiences.

Promotes an understanding of current legislation, then in a powerful and thought-provoking session we challenge you to think differently.


“This drama-led training captured real life patient conversations and provided interactive engagement with staff from both non-clinical and clinical areas; which aimed to provoke thought whilst reinforcing key messages for the delivery of patient care. Following the initial success of phase one of the programme we are keen to continue to work with Juice Learning to further improve our Patients’ Experience.”

Janet Elmer, Corporate Trainer

“The energy, commitment and expertise from Juice Learning throughout the programme consultation, design, development and delivery ensured the delegates not only had a fantastic day but the objectives of the programme and impact upon the Trust was immense. I would wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Juice Learning.”

Caroline Mabey, Deputy Director of OD & Learning

“The session was clearly defined and executed. I will go back tomorrow and send an email to my team to attend, it would be extremely valuable. Money well spent by our Trust. Once again the training provided by Juice was of an exceptional standard. Extremely enjoyable and informative training - excellent teaching style and very interactive. Use of actors for scenarios was excellent. I think this type of training could be for a whole day and the Trust should adopt this style in more training courses. Invigorating, every minute was stimulating and worthwhile. Lots covered in the amount of time. Excellent use of actors, very talented presenter. Thank you.”

Event Participants

One of the most inspirational courses I have attended at this hospital. Really well presented, easy to follow and understand. Was not looking forward to it at all and just thought of it as a tick box! How wrong was I! Thank you.”

Event Participant

“Juice were excellent, totally professional and a pleasure to work with. From the point of contact I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of turn-around. The sessions delivered were tuned to our organisational needs, were extremely interactive and got the audience on the edge of their seats. I thoroughly recommend Juice Learning”

Lesley Grierson-Hill, Head of OD

“Stimulating and thought provoking; reinforces the importance to change the culture, of which the individual is part. Excellent, thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial to the Trust and its drive forwards”

Programme Participant

“The effort that the Juice team put into understanding the specific needs of our Trust really made all the difference. We were thrilled to see our staff so engaged during the sessions and received excellent feedback due to the outstanding quality of the sessions. I highly recommend them as your training and development partner.”

Beata Malinowska, OD Manager