Diversity & Inclusion

In an organisation as diverse as the NHS, the ability of staff to treat colleagues and patients with respect, dignity and equality are fundamental to a Trust’s success.

Our programme promotes an understanding of current legislation, then in a powerful and thought-provoking session we challenge you to think differently and consider the contribution we can all make to a culture where people feel recognised, respected and valued.

Using theatre, film, personal testimony and facilitated discussion we bring your Trust values to life and empower your colleagues to challenge their own and others’ behaviours and attitudes where they fall short of exemplary standards.

  • To show that inclusivity is not only about legal compliance, there is also a business and moral case for engendering a culture where people are treated equally and respectfully
  • To create a culture where difference is embraced
  • To challenge negative or limiting preconceptions and unconscious bias
  • To demonstrate how individual attitudes dictate positive or negative behaviour and the powerful impact this can have
  • To show the impact that the culture of a Trust has on our colleagues, patients, and their friends & family

The Programme & Costs

Following an initial consultation with one of our professional facilitators, the content of the course will be tailored to consider any specific challenges within your Trust alongside examples of excellence which already exist.

The programme costs are split into two parts as follows:

  1. Programme set-up: consultation, tailoring of content and rehearsal & preparation of theatre scenarios.
  2. Subsequent session delivery days.

Costs can be provided on request.

The course itself will comprise of the following:

  • Half-day (3 ½ hours) sessions for managers
  • Half-day (3 ½ hours) sessions for workforce
  • Capacity of up to 40 participants per session
  • 2 x sessions delivered per day (am & pm)
  • Delivery team comprising 1 x Facilitator & 2 x Actors

Films for You 

Our programmes are delivered by our specialist facilitators supported by a cast of actors, as well as delivering live theatre our sessions feature a series of carefully researched filmed monologues.

Please feel free to download the films below and share them with your teams. Whilst these are a sample and the films form just a small part of our sessions, these powerful and engaging stories provide insight into the style and content of our training and will stimulate reflection and provoke discussion.