Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

'Here for You' – Patient Experience & Values Programme

Croydon Health Service’s 3,500 staff provide acute and community healthcare services for a diverse population of 360,000 across the borough. Care is delivered either in patients’ own homes or from clinics and specialist centres, including Croydon University Hospital.

Following a competitive tender process, we were delighted to be selected to design and deliver a large-scale Patient Experience culture change programme for the Trust. The programme was designed to support the Trust’s ‘Here for You’ promises:

  • You feel cared for
  • You feel in safe hands
  • You feel confident in your treatment
  • You feel we value your time
  • You feel it’s getting better all the time

This project created an opportunity for the Trust to further develop their patient focused culture throughout the whole organisation.

Following a period of intensive consultation, Juice designed a two-tiered programme consisting of live, theatre-based events delivered to the entire workforce, and tailored sessions for key Senior Managers throughout the Trust.

The Senior Managers’ events were designed to:

  • Demonstrate the impact of positive leadership and encourage ownership of leading a culture focused upon excellence and fearlessness of challenging unacceptable behaviour at all levels.
  • Encourage management to work alongside HR to deliver processes and practices which embed the required standards of excellence from induction through to appraisal.
  • Ensure that management are fully accountable for their staff and ensure that they adhere fully to an agreed code of behavioural and attitudinal conduct.

    The Staff events were designed to:

    • Define what Patient Experience Excellence is, and to link this to the ongoing success of the Trust.
    • Embed Croydon Health Service NHS Trust’s ‘Here for You’ promises.
    • Allow staff to reflect upon their current practice and develop a better understanding of how their behaviours and attitude impacts upon patients and colleagues.
    • Impart the skills and confidence required to address and challenge unacceptable standards of behaviour positively and proactively.
    • Develop interpersonal communication skills required for positive and effective patient, staff and visitor interactions.


    First Impressions

    Pillar to Post

    Choices, choices…

    Dr Kate Grainger

    The resultant programme, spanning a 12 month delivery period consisted of over 50 live facilitated events, each involving a team of actors performing bespoke scenarios created to highlight typical challenging behaviours and attitudes within recognisable work-based situations which the delegates can immediately connect with.

    Upon the conclusion of the live programme of events, the project generated a significant quantity of evaluation data and feedback from over 2,200 participants.